Fitness beginners must learn to eat


Fitness beginners must learn to eat

As a beginner in fitness, rather than learning the essentials of action, you must learn how to eat, and your eating habits may need to be renewed.

Don’t think that this is a big problem, eat well, eat right, you can make the fitness effect twice with half the effort; eat wrong, and even damage health.

銆€銆€The principle of how to eat fitness beginners: diet balance fitness beginners big diet principle is a balanced diet.

The pH of the human body is neutral to a little bit alkaline, so the food placed every day should be slightly neutral to a little alkaline, so as to achieve the body’s acid-base balance, robes are conducive to improve fitness.

Fitness beginners will find that after each exercise, the skin will lose its luster, the muscles will swell, and the joints will be sore. This is because sugar, sputum, and protein are digested, producing lactic acid and phosphoric acid, which stimulates the body’s organs and is easier to get tired.If you eat meat, fish eggs, but not conducive to the relief of physical fatigue, so after exercise, should not eat meat, but to eat alkaline food, such vegetables, fruits, soy products, can maintain acid-base balance, eliminate fatigue.
銆€銆€Fitness beginners should be “principle” in diet: In addition, when to eat is also critical.

You can eat a small amount of things (except yoga) half an hour before exercise. If it is a particularly deadly exercise, eat a small amount of food one hour earlier, mainly based on high-fiber foods that are easy to digest.

In addition, you can also eat some detoxifying fruits before and after exercise, some carambola bananas, pears.

銆€銆€Principle 1: Before the exercise, carbohydrate-based low-fat fat is easy to digest, and it can provide sugar, a source that can provide energy for exercise, such as rice, potatoes, macaroni or other whole grains, and can also add fruit, some kind ofApples, pears; or eat some high-fiber biscuits and yogurt; you can also eat raisins, chocolate, so you can add more energy.

銆€銆€Principle 2: After the exercise, add alkaline food to help restore physical exercise. After one hour, you can supplement alkaline food and help restore your strength.

Do not drink cola, Coke gradually increases acidity in the body, and will be more tired the next day.

Do not eat meat after exercise.

You can drink milk, juice (no sugar or less sugar) soy milk, green tea; you can also add two slices of bread with a small amount of jam, with yogurt.

銆€銆€Special diet recommendations for lean-build muscle-enhancing people: Supplementing heat is critical, and you should add enough glucose.

The coach suggested that high-quality protein materials, some protein powders should be added; if you don’t want to choose protein powder, you can eat fish, shrimp, chicken breast.

Protein is the cornerstone of muscle formation and the basis of muscle growth, so you must ingest high-quality protein every day to grow better muscles.

In addition, appropriate hormone levels should be maintained.

Growth hormone, insulin, and retinal ketone are important for the synthesis of muscle proteins, so you can supplement your hormones and stimulate muscle growth through diet and nutritional supplements.

銆€銆€In addition, do not eat supplements in order to increase the effect, the fitness effect will be better.

In fact, it is not that the human body needs dozens of nutrients every day. Eating nutrients can achieve certain nutrients that exceed the standard, which will cause a new imbalance in nutrition, which will destroy your health.