Safeguarding children’s health winter disinfection strategy


Safeguarding children’s health winter disinfection strategy

In winter, the doors and windows of the living rooms are often closed. The indoor air is dirty and turbid due to the inability to exchange with the fresh air. It contains various microbial impurities, which increases the content of indoor smoke, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, helium, ozone, etc.The ground is harmful to the health of the baby. Therefore, parents should always strengthen the disinfection of the living room.

銆€銆€Indoor disinfection can be started from the following four aspects: 路 Room ventilation every day: After morning, before going to bed, open the doors and windows for half an hour to carry out indoor air purification.

Investigations have shown that each breather can remove 60% of the bacteria in the air.

銆€銆€路 Indoor installation of UV lamps: If you install a 30W low-ozone UV lamp every 10-15 square meters, it can kill about 90% of the microorganisms in the indoor air after more than 1 hour.

銆€銆€路 Indoor chemical fumigation disinfection: Peracetic acid can be used, and vinegar can be fumigated.

During disinfection, the liquid medicine is injected into the high temperature corrosion resistant container as needed, and placed on an electric furnace, a coal stove or an alcohol furnace to heat it, and the liquid is evaporated, and the disinfection time is calculated.

When the temperature is above 15 掳C and the relative humidity is above 60%, 1 gram of liquid per cubic meter is used, and fumigation for 1 hour can make the air disinfect.

When disinfecting, be careful that the corroded items should be covered to avoid damage, and then ventilate for half an hour after disinfection.

銆€銆€路 Indoor ignition and disinfection of aroma: typical disinfectant fragrance main components of pyrethrum, Atractylodes, Ai Ye and other Chinese herbal medicine.

When using, put 1 dish in one room.

Because the Chinese herbal medicine disinfection is non-toxic, non-irritating, people can stay indoors during disinfection.