Is it necessary for the baby to stop holding food?

Is it necessary for the baby to stop holding food?

The 9-month-old can already pick up small things with his thumb and index finger.

Although parents are happy for their child’s progress, the troubles that accompany them will make them anxious and annoyed: The child will taste in the mouth whether or not the food picked up can be tasted;Like bowls and chopsticks when eating, he will pick them up, beat them, and throw them around.

In fact, these behaviors are only a manifestation of children’s attempts to use new skills.

If parents can take advantage of this opportunity to prepare enough food for their children to pick them up, they will increase their child’s interest in food while exercising their hand-eye coordination, which will have a certain effect on alleviating littering.

  At this time, what parents need to do is: (1) recognize that this is a manifestation of normal behavior.

Children are applying new skills and practicing the ability to control objects with new skills.

  (2) When the child throws the picked up food everywhere, don’t scold the child, restrict the child, and tell him what to do.

  (3) When the child picks up something that cannot be eaten and puts it in his mouth, he can use the method of distracting and replace the items in the child’s hands instead of rushing to take them down.

This may make the child uneasy and may form other bad habits (such as sucking fingers).

  (4) There are more types of food that can be picked up and prepared for children, such as: French fries, cooked carrots, and soft fruits.

The color needs to be richer, but not too much.

  (5) When eating, allow the child to pinch the food to eat, so that the child will experience the joy of eating.