A jellyfish in the sea.

See Chen Chenqi’s “Compendium of Materia Medica”, originally called the sea snake.

After fishing, the fishermen call their hat-shaped umbrellas white-skinned.

The mouth and tentacles are called jellyfish heads.

  The taste is salty, warm and non-toxic.

  Contains protein, trace, sugar, ash, calcium, phosphorus, iron.

It also contains iodine, niacin, vitamins A and B.

  Pharmacological intravenous injection of jellyfish preparation can reduce blood pressure in rabbits.

It can also relax the blood vessels of the rabbit’s auricle and the blood vessels of the frog.

  The function is to treat women’s strain, blood accumulation, take off, infantile fever, erysipelas, this product has the function of lowering blood pressure, softening phlegm.

  [高血压,头昏脑胀,烦热口渴,便秘]  海蜇头60-90克,漂洗去咸味,同荸荠等量煮汤服。  [肺热咳嗽,痰浓黄稠]  海蛰和荤莽适量煮汤,常服有效。