Stir-fried fungus with baby dish to improve immunity


Stir-fried fungus with baby dish to improve immunity

When you step into the old age, there will be some minor problems in your body. At this time, supplemental conditioning is very necessary.

A very common situation among elderly friends is that it is easy to constipation.

As the age grows, the transition will become slower.

Today, I will introduce a dish that can increase the internal movement, and stir-fry the fungus.

Stir-fried fungus raw materials for baby dishes: one or two baby dishes, 50g black fungus, 100g pork or lean meat, onion, cooking wine, ginger and other seasonings: 1 Wash the baby dish and cut it vertically.

The black fungus is soaked, and the meat is washed and cut into pieces.

Put the oil in the 2 pots, throw in the ginger and other seasonings after the oil is opened, then put in the pork belly, stir fry.

3 Add the baby dish and stir fry.

4 After the body becomes soft, add the fungus and fry for about three minutes.

Chinese medicine believes that black fungus is sweet and flat, has cooling blood, hemostasis, attending hemoptysis, vomiting blood, blood stasis, blood stasis, uterine bleeding, hemorrhoids bleeding, constipation with blood, etc., because of its high iron content, can be timely supplemented for the human bodyIt is iron enough, so it is a natural blood food.

At the same time, fungus can promote intestinal peristalsis, promote the excretion of trace foods in the body, reduce the absorption of traces in food, thereby preventing obesity; also prevent constipation, help the timely removal and replacement of toxic substances in the body’s stool, thereby preventing rectal cancer andThe role of other digestive cancers.

For the elderly, it is a good health product.

The fungus is best to be dried. The fresh fungus contains substances that are not good for the human body and are prone to poisoning.