2 salt and pepper ribs let you gain weight


2 salt and pepper ribs let you gain weight

Here is a recommended fattening recipe – salt and pepper ribs.

The salt and pepper ribs are delicious and can be fattened.

So easy to do fattening recipes, try salt and pepper ribs tonight!

銆€銆€Therapeutic effect: Pork ribs are sweet, flat, have weak and weak, strong waist and knees, strong bones, good strength, and the role of raw milk.

銆€銆€Ingredients: 250 grams of pork ribs, cooking wine, soy sauce, sugar, vinegar, monosodium glutamate, starch, salad oil, salt and pepper.

銆€銆€Production method: ribs the ribs into 6 cm long, 2 cm wide pieces, add a small amount of soy sauce, cooking wine, MSG, starch and marinate for 1 hour.

Use sugar, vinegar, soy sauce, and water to make sweet and sour sauce.

Put the pot on the fire, heat the lower salad oil, add the ribs and fry until cooked.

Leave a small amount of oil in the pot, use the wet starch to thicken the sweet and sour sauce, and bring the hot oil into the bowl.

Put the pepper and salt in a small dish, and eat salt and pepper, sweet and sour sauce.

銆€銆€Operating essentials: ribs juice should be pickled.

When the ribs are fried, the oil temperature should be well mastered. The high oil temperature is fried until the ribs are shaped, and then fried with a small fire, and then fried again with high oil temperature, so that the ribs can be crispy and less oily.

銆€銆€Special note: This product is especially suitable for nourishing, weak constitution, pediatric rickets and other patients and adolescents.