Eye protection to make your eyes SPA

Eye protection to make your eyes SPA

Staring at the computer screen for a long time, coupled with the air-conditioned environment of the office, it is easy for the eyes to lose water.

Want a hydrating spa for dry eyes?

  Contact lens wearing syndrome The symptoms of dry eyes, stinging, and blurred vision caused by wearing contact lenses for too long or improper care are common in white-collar workers.

Many white-collar women wearing contact lenses often become “red-eyed” with bloodshot eyes in the afternoon because of eye discomfort, and “beauty” instantly turns into “evil dream”.

Therefore, a large number of white-collar women replace the replacement care brand to find the most effective one.

However, the “confusion of care solution” may also occur. White-collar women are miserable and look forward to really keeping their eyes comfortable and hydrated for a whole day and clear vision.

  How can we make the process of wearing contact lenses safer?

At a recent seminar on contact lens care, related ophthalmologists made a new appointment.

That is to do the hydrotherapy for contact lenses, which helps make the contact lens lenses also enjoy the wet and soaked hydrophilic feeling of hydrotherapy, and bring clear vision to the wearer all day.

  The comprehensive professional medical report to solve the problem of nursing strongly proves that the dual-reaction function system of the contact lens care solution can make the contact lens last for a long time.

This allows the surface of the lens to re-moisturize the contact lens when the lens absorbs tear activators on the surface when immersed.

After putting on the glasses, it will interact with the tears of the wearer himself, thereby locking the water on the lens surface.

For example, Audyl Leming Care Solution can form a moisturizing protective layer between contact lenses and eyes, keeping contact lenses moist, thereby increasing comfort.

At the same time effectively clean the lens, remove lens protein precipitation and bacteria, mold, and amoeba.

  Experts recommend that you remember to evaluate four key points when replacing a multifunctional care solution: moisturizing, sterilizing, cleaning function, and safety.

Therefore, only a multi-functional care solution that can provide moisturizing and moisturizing effects for contact lenses can better cooperate with modern people’s work and social life.