Desperate Casting Sword Peng Guanying Interprets Business Master Growth Story

“Desperate Casting Sword” Peng Guanying Interprets “Business Master” Growth Story
On January 8, an antique press conference of a large-scale revolutionary historical alternate drama “Desperate Casting Sword”, which is being broadcast on CCTV.In the play, the member of the trade union played by Zhang Tong, Li Huacheng, dare to think and dare, continue to grow up in the revolution, and eventually became a political leader of the Red Army team; Chen Tianyou played by Peng Guanying from “the master of the landlord’s house smoking a big smoke””Growing into an excellent Red Army finger combatant.In “Desperate Forging Sword”, Chen Tianyou grew up as a revolutionary warrior from a business boy’s child, experienced quitting smoking, changing his mind, changing his habits, etc.Peng Guanying said that after receiving the first three episodes of “Desperate Forging Sword”, he felt that it was not the same as the TV show that he had seen the main theme twisted on TV. The role he was about to appear in appeared to be a “silly son of the landlord’s family”There will be growth, quite challenging.In Peng Guanying’s view, Chen Tianyou is a little bit immature and a little selfish. Sometimes he even “encourage” himself for self-preservation, but when he and all his comrades fought together, he saw many people around him.The comrades who have fought have left him one after another. In the process, pictures are stacked in his heart, making him particularly determined to complete the missions that these comrades did not complete.”This character is very real, and there is no Facebook.”Sauna Night Editor Xu Meilin proofreading Li Lijun