Fan Shuai: Howard needs to improve 2 points _1

Fan Shuai: Howard needs to improve 2 points
On June 2, Beijing time, from the “Houston Chronicle” news, two former NBA coaches Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson in an interview recently, prospects for the Rockets next season.Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson attended the Rockets’ performance this season. Mark Jackson believes that the most praised is the Rockets coach McHale. They have a very good season. I think that the team has always been incomplete.Next, with Howard missing for most of the season, and with the two starters absent, Kevin McHale’s work was fruitful.So based on their achievements this year, we are looking forward to the future.  But Jackson also believes that in the offseason, the Rockets need to find a second offensive player who can create opportunities by themselves outside Harden. I think that until Harden also mentioned before, the team needs another organizer.He needs to be able to create offensive opportunities himself and make the offense easier.  Van Gundy also praised McHale for his leadership skills. He also believed that the Rockets already have many excellent puzzles. At the same time, they also have a boss who cares about victory. In the past four, they have actively operated the transaction.An MVP player and signed Howard in the player market.  However, Van Gundy then turned around and noticed a big worry for the Rockets. I think that Howard’s health and his playing habits will be the key to the Rockets’ next step. It stands to reason that Warcraft should be every night.The number one center in the league, he can do this, and he has proved himself that if he can stay healthy and put in locks, he can show his dominance.  You can’t tighten your clockwork or develop habits until the playoffs. In this regard, I think Morey is very bold.But in the future, if the team wants to improve, they need to return to Motel and Beverly to return. These are very important.This season, the loss of Motel is a huge loss, but in terms of excessive injuries and vacancies, the Rockets have been very impressive.Van Gundy added later.