Mr. Crisis Huang Xiaoming shapes crisis public relations, and cooperates with the director of Yanxi Raiders

“Mr. Crisis” Huang Xiaoming shapes crisis public relations, and cooperates with the director of “Yanxi Raiders”
Co-produced by Youku, Haixiu Entertainment, Star Television and Beijing Wentou, directed by Hui Kaidong, director of “Yanxi Raiders”, Huang Xiaoming, Tan Zhuo, Cai Wenjing, Zhang Bo, Lin Youwei starring in the workplace urban love drama “Mr. Crisis”Filming in full swing in Chengdu.It is reported that the play has been on for two months, and the stills were first exposed on January 10.Stills of “Mr. Crisis”.The picture comes from the network. In the “focused version” stills exposed this time, Lin Zhongshuo, played by Huang Xiaoming, focused on the front and was particularly attracted.This time in “Mr. Crisis”, he will interpret a firm, just, and always uphold social justice, Zhong Zhongshuo.His appearance is mature and steady, his wisdom is calm and he insists on social justice, which has changed everyone’s prejudice against him and won everyone’s respect.Yuan Wei, played by Tan Zhuo, is an independent, capable, and elegant lawyer; Xu Wenwen, played by Cai Wenjing, can penetrate her sense of justice at a glance;According to the staff at the scene, “I can’t breathe when watching Zhang Bo and Huang Xiaoming playing at the scene. It’s really enjoyable.””Mr. Crisis” is a metropolitan industry script, which mainly tells the story of a progressive team of crisis public relations experts Lin Zhongshuo, dealing with one after another tricky social public relations events, using the real story as a framework to show the audience the true crisis public relations.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang He editor Tong Na proofreading Wei Zhuo