Creation Camp 2020 reunited with Luhan, Huang Zitao: Feelings are getting better

“Creation Camp 2020” reunited with Luhan, Huang Zitao: Feelings are getting better
On April 21st, the antique cloud conference of the variety show “Creation Camp 2020” produced by Tencent Video.Huang Zitao talked about the feeling of being a coach with Lu Han, “just two words, love”.He said that the two reunited on the show, which has both the previous feeling and the new difference. If they can practice dance together again every day, their relationship will get better and better.Lu Han and Huang Zitao were at the event.Lu Han said in an interview with the media that he participated in “Creation Camp 2020” hoping to use his experience to help this book, and Huang Zitao gave him a lot of suggestions, “Huang Zitao will always teach me how to do it, after all, he is the firstSeason (“Creation 101”) participated, and the experience is very rich. “Huang Zitao also bluntly said that he cooperated with Lu Han very well. As a coach, Lu Han needs to improve because he is too gentle and a gentle and strict coach.Thinking of the feeling of being a coach with his former teammates, Lu Han said that the two usually meet in private, but they don’t get together and it is easy to overlap. After all, everyone is very busy.The coaches who participated in the “Creation Camp 2020” together this time, and lived on the same floor of the hotel, often drink tea and chat together, and enjoyed it.April 20th was Luhan’s 30th birthday. He and Huang Zitao, a member of the coaching team of “Creation Camp 2020″, were not easy to wear. Song Qian surrounded the big round table to eat and celebrate.Lu Han told the media that Thirty Stands feels that life has reached a mature state, with different experiences and feelings about anything, which is a new beginning and a driving force.”Creation Camp 2020” is a growing variety show of the energy girl group produced by Tencent Video. The show will call on more than 100 professors to pass the tasks, training, and evaluation to let them be among the five star coaches-Huang Zitao, Lu Han, Luo Zhixiang, Mao Zhuan,Song Qian’s growth and progress under the guidance and guidance eventually formed a group.Ms. Qiu Yue, general manager of Penguin Film and Television Studio, said at the cloud conference that the number of groups in “Creation Camp 2020” will be reduced from the previous 11 to 7 people, which is the biggest change in the system of the season.Song Qian, Mao is not easy at the conference site.Sauna, Ye Wang Yang Lianjie Editor Tong Na proofreading Li Ming