How to resolve the boring of running


How to resolve the boring of running

Long-distance running is one of the most economical and effective aerobic weight loss exercise. It does not need a distance from the venue. It does not need expensive equipment. You only need to have a pair of sneakers. As long as you don’t block traffic, you canWherever you go, you can do it.

The benefits of long-distance running are more expected.

Such a good sport, as long as you have a healthy pair of legs can participate in the sport, but there are not many people participating, some have not ran for two days, why?

According to our understanding, they all feel that the long-distance running is too boring, and the legs are constantly moving, the arms are swinging, and the winding around in the guide does not mean anything.

In response to this, we have summarized some ways to solve the boring problem through the introduction of long-distance runners: in the process of running in the beautiful scenery, you can always run in one place, you will feel more and more boring, you can change frequently.Somewhere in the park, some run in some parks, breathe fresh air, look at the beautiful scenery in the park, and you will feel a lot fresher when you run.

銆€銆€Qigong is a relatively fresh way to run.

In the process of long-distance running, using the vomiting method of qigong, running will have unexpected effects.

While exhaling, the snoring of the body, while imagining the discomfort of the body through the pores of the body to shoot out of the body, while inhaling the abdomen, while imagining the essence of the sun and the moon through the body’s pores to absorb the body, this is the so-called reverse abdominal breathing.

According to the understanding, in this way, the long-distance running will be more and more spirited, and the saliva in the mouth is rich, and it will not sprint more dry.

銆€銆€Running in the process of running, you can run in different postures, run along the side, run around the tree, run on the slope, or even you can run backwards, so that not only will it not be boring, but also helpFor your body’s coordination.

銆€銆€Running together with a like-minded partner is a good way to solve the boring problem.

When you are lazy, your companions will urge you, and exercising with your friends will have a lot of fun.

銆€銆€Some friends who chase after the car use the time of commuting to exercise. They can follow the truck or the walking bicycle during the running. With a goal, it will be a lot easier to run.

銆€銆€What is symbolic running is a symbolic run?

That is, you first learn how to get from Beijing to Shenzhen from the map, then you will add the distance of running every day, and one day you will reach the distance from Beijing to Shenzhen, then you can be very proud of your relatives and friends.Say, you have already ran from Beijing to Shenzhen.

Is this a very interesting way to solve the boring problem?

銆€銆€Diverting attention When you are thinking about something else in your mind when you are riding or walking, you will feel that time passes quickly and you are not tired at all.

You can use this method for long distance running.

When you are running, think about the unfinished work style in your mind. If you don’t solve the math problem, you may not feel very tired and boring during the running process.

銆€銆€Anyone who runs for the competition understands that if you go to the competition, you will have a great boost to your long-distance belief.

If you get a good position again, you will be added to the long-distance running exercise.