Anti-aging morning facial massage

Anti-aging morning facial massage

One of the methods of self-massage for health in ancient China is based on hand rubbing, also known as bath noodles, and dry cream.

Why is it healthy, what are the benefits to the human body, and how to do it?

A few days ago, the reporter took these questions to ask some experts in Chinese medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine experts say that in daily life, people’s facial muscle movements are very small, and even the amount of sports activities is very small.

And rubbing the face with your hands can strengthen facial muscle movement, make the skin soft and smooth, and strengthen the ability to resist cold and wind.

This has symptoms for people with facial wrinkled aging, facial nerve paralysis and gingivitis and other oral diseases. At the same time, rubbing the face from the forehead to the blood pressure has a cooling effect.

  According to experts, the method of rubbing face is very simple: when you get up every day, sit facing the south, close your eyes for a moment, and unite the form and the spirit.

Then, the two palms rub against each other, causing them to heat up, rubbing their faces with their palms.

Hold both palms upright and touch the middle of the forehead side by side. Wipe the face down to the chin, and then wipe from the side up to the forehead. Apply 20 to 40 times.

Then, wipe it 20 to 40 times in the opposite direction.

To put it simply, rubbing your face with your hands is like washing your face.

For normal blood pressure, wipe the face from top to bottom and wipe the face from bottom to top, the number of times in both directions should be replaced; for people with high blood pressure, wipe the face from top to bottom more often; for people with low blood pressure, from bottom to topApply more times.

You should rub your face once or twice a day. If you keep doing it for a few months, you will have a moisturized skin, full muscles, loose wrinkles, and radiant radiance.

According to the Guiding Scriptures, rubbing the hand with the surface “makes it look shiny, like a fairy color.

“When rubbing your face, pay attention to the gentle and even movements. Don’t be overly rushed or overweight, otherwise it will easily scratch the skin and cause skin wrinkles.

In order to prevent skin damage, you can apply moisturizer in advance, the effect will be better.

  Facial skin care can also use the facial method.

The specific method is to bend the fingers of both hands and spread them slightly, and from the forehead to the left to the right, from the top to the bottom, tap lightly and tightly to fully buckle the skin and tap 3 times a day.

This can strengthen facial blood circulation, promote skin skin and nerve health, make skin shiny and rosy, and reduce skin diseases.