Analysis of the causes of getting fat after marriage


Analysis of the causes of getting fat after marriage

Marriage can be a “dangerous molecule” that makes you obese.

If you don’t believe it, you can observe the colleagues who are already married, those who have been bodybuilding and the ladies who are awkward are more or less fat, especially the husband after the wedding, the little belly is like blowing up.The balloon is presented.

銆€銆€The change in lifestyle is the main cause of weight gain.

銆€銆€Experts analyzed that marriage is to let two people who have no relationship at all live under the same roof. The interests of the two people are similar, and the life form will change.

Undoubtedly whether this change is good or bad, it may become the reason for getting fat in the future.

銆€銆€Before marriage, two people are in a period of love. The people in love are very strange. They may be happy or sad for a little thing and can’t eat.

Love shifts the hobby of food, until the person who loves it may spend more time on the lover.

Before the wedding, every new couple is trembled, not to mention the troubles for the wedding, eat a lot of snacks, just to say how many brides are busy dieting to lose weight in order to wear their favorite wedding dress.

However, after the marriage, the new people immediately replaced all the burdens. Many people frankly said that they would not pay attention to appearances as they did before, nor often sweated in the gym.

After marriage, many men ended their days of food and clothing, and began to be responsible for their diet by their wives. Every day, three meals a day, life is comfortable and stable, and naturally it will be “blessed.”

銆€銆€The formation of bad habits, two people will affect each other.

銆€銆€Family members’ eating habits affect each other and can help you to become obese without knowing it.

Because it has become a husband and wife, many people get along from the cinema, the park, and the suburbs to the sofa at home.

You don’t have to walk around, you don’t have to arrange appointments, you don’t have to do anything different. After dinner, you can sit on the sofa and watch TV, and eat snacks to pass the time. This is the most common pastime for ordinary couples.

Some husbands or wives also have the habit of eating supper, and the one who does not eat is easily assimilated in the long-term common life, and fat is naturally difficult to avoid.

銆€銆€The pressure of marriage is also the cause of getting fat.

銆€銆€Doctors and nutritionists have found that stress causes people to naturally produce uncontrollable appetite, especially for high-sugar, high-fat foods.

After marriage, some couples are nervous or they are difficult to understand each other. Coupled with the splitting of children’s education problems, many women feel wronged and pressure increases, and they will inevitably choose some ways to decompress.

Shopping can’t go every day, and you can’t follow the secrets of your friends. It seems that the most convenient way to reduce the pressure is to eat some delicious food.

But after eating it?

The problem is not solved, but the weight will not fall.