The trick that I played when my wife didn’t have a climax


The trick that I played when my wife didn’t have a climax

My wife and I have always been envious of love from marriage to marriage. I am loyal to her, she is following me in a gentle manner, and there is no more harmonious marriage.

Before I got married, I read a lot of books about sex. I have a lot of understanding about sex. I am very much looking forward to the combination of love and sex. I am full of mysterious and beautiful fantasy about my married life.

After the honeymoon, I began to wonder why my wife’s reaction to sex was so cold.

銆€銆€In the honeymoon, my wife is always in a passive love. I said to my wife enthusiastically: When I am married, I have to enjoy the wonderful spring of the day. I can’t wait to see the day.

銆€銆€During the honeymoon, I found that my wife in sexual life is always passive. She saw my passion for burning flames, knowing how much I love her, how to need her, I can always thank me for being grateful, and gently follow me.Asking, no matter what I do, she can always cooperate with perfection, I really can’t help but be moved.

But I don’t understand why she has never been able to suppress the sexual impulses. I think this is because she is not suitable for sex life.

銆€銆€Every month, one year passed, the sexual orgasm I expected of women did not appear on her.

Didn’t she love me? When I asked this question, she was wronged and tears flowed down.

I knew that I was heavy, and quickly apologized to her.

銆€銆€My wife loves me like this. From life to feelings, tangled sweetness is not a little bit of cold income. She is definitely not a conservative woman. All the sexual knowledge I instill in me can be accepted, but sheI am inexplicably asking me what is the orgasm. At that time, what kind of feeling is this? I asked about it. I am not a woman. How do I know how a woman should feel?

銆€銆€I try to make my wife excited. I am very reluctant. Can I not use my seven-footed man’s strength and strength to inspire my wife’s instinct and let my wife enjoy the fun of orgasm. I tried to use various postures and methods to try.Mastering the length of time, the speed of the pace and the frequency of the rhythm, every time I exhausted myself, my wife was too unwilling to go.

But what I saw was still her flat expression on her arms. She didn’t respond physically. She said that she didn’t feel any stimulation.

銆€銆€I am still not discouraged, read a lot of books, and use other methods to trigger her feelings.

I found that the caress had an effect, so I used to caress her for a long time before each sex life until she was excited and knew what a female orgasm was.

I am very happy and aware of spiritual satisfaction and resonance.

銆€銆€The love of husband and wife is not the enjoyment and venting of one person, the resonance of the other two, this feeling can produce a powerful shock connected by fate.

But it is very strange that when we officially started sex, her enthusiasm began to decline, and the mood gradually returned to peace.

No matter how I inspire her, I can’t stimulate a little passion.

She said that there was no stimulation, nothing at all, and even sweetly went to sleep.

銆€銆€I am really disappointed, I really can’t figure out why.

The wife comforted me and said that she had already tasted the orgasm in the caress. It was a wonderful moment.

However, she still feels the feeling of excitement in her sexual life. As long as her husband is satisfied and stimulated, her wife is very comforted. What is the relationship between husband and wife not reaching orgasm at the same time? She repeatedly said that she does not care about orgasm and pleasure.These things, without these, can give birth to children, the important thing is the feelings.

I admit that she makes sense, and she did make a lot of effort to try to experience the feeling of orgasm, but it is impossible to achieve the realm of husband and wife to achieve orgasm.

銆€銆€The wife allowed me to give her sexual stimulants to eat, but how can I bear to do this? The wife went to the hospital for gynecological examination, and the physiological organs were all normal.

She asked me inexplicably, why I am so persistent in pursuing the husband and wife to achieve orgasm, I am speechless, maybe this is just a meaningless act for my knowledge of the certificate.

Yes, my thoughts come from books. Many literary descriptions of this kind of scene are indeed very desirable. But in real life, people are very different. Every woman may be very different, maybe wife.This is the physical quality, her excitement is not in sex life, why should I be strict with her? We are sometimes very romantic, and romantic is unreasonable, we are as fanciful as women, andWhen you turn fantasy into a fact, you are always boring.

銆€銆€My wife’s coldness makes me worry. We still don’t want children. Every sunny night, we walked hand in hand to the Lijiang River. The fireflies in the wild grasses flew around, the mirror-like river stars flashed, and the wife kissed me.On the chest, all the troubles in the world no longer exist. I ask myself if I still have something unsatisfied. I often comfort myself in my heart. I have all the happiness. Right when the orgasm is an unreachable fairyland on earth,Which is the realm that we can reach? I don’t have to worry and be sad.

But the depths of the soul are still a little vague, a little lost, why do I love my wife so much, and my wife has no orgasm?