Flicker fatigue beware of sick upper body

Flicker fatigue beware of sick upper body

“Well, I’m exhausted!

-The fatigue that modern life brings to people has been double “tired” physically, as well as psychologically “tired” and even physiologically “ill.”

  There are several types of fatigue. One is physical fatigue.

  More common in manual labor, is caused by heavy physical labor or excessive physical activity.

Showed as weakness in hands and feet, the whole body can be significantly reduced.

  The second is mental fatigue.

  It is mainly found in mental workers. Due to the complex mental work performed for a long period of time, a large amount of energy is consumed, resulting in insufficient blood and oxygen supply to the brain, replacing the normal functions of brain cells.

Presented as dizziness, bloating, decreased memory, insomnia and more dreams.

  The third is psychological fatigue.

  It is caused by the high intensity of tension and stress in modern life. Due to the overload of the mental burden, the mind is in a state of destruction and restlessness, emotional depression, depression or anxiety.

  The fourth is chronic fatigue.

  If you are an office worker, work all day, and often work overtime, then you will feel tired after going home and you will fall asleep.

Waking up was another sprint.

Then you may be entangled in “chronic fatigue” and don’t even know it.

Many years ago, the first case with similar cold symptoms was discovered in the United States. Later, it was officially named “chronic fatigue syndrome.”

From a medical point of view, that is the consequence of severe fatigue caused by excessive work or exercise.

  Fifth, hidden fatigue.


hzh{display:none;}  呼吸障碍、过敏症都可能影响睡眠进而使人感到精疲力竭。Anemia and thyroid disorders make many women not only sleepy and sleepy, but also suffer from chills, constipation, depression and other symptoms, and generally feel lazy and unmotivated.

People with depression can also show fatigue, as well as feeling down, hostile behaviors, or losing interest in past favorite activities.

  Six is sexual fatigue.

  It is when the sexual life has not started or accompanied, there is a feeling of fatigue, and more men often have symptoms of fatigue after sexual life.

  How to Say Goodbye to Fatigue? In chronic chronic syndrome, sports medicine experts believe that exercise is the most effective, because exercise can relieve stress and relieve fatigue, because exercise can move the bones and muscles, which can usually relieve the muscles that replace activities, and eliminate local fatigue.
  And exercise is precisely the most common lesson for modern people. Relying on restrictions when going out, relying on elevators to go up and down stairs, without the opportunity to exercise, “Four Body Failure” has become a common problem of modern people.

The main thing is that many people never have the habit of active exercise. The daily energy consumption is concentrated on work. No wonder the physical performance is deteriorating.

  Therefore, it is recommended that physical activities, such as climbing stairs, walking or cleaning, be at least 1 hour a day, and an average of 1 hour of exercise per day can extend life for more than two hours.